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RedAndrew's News

Posted by RedAndrew - July 11th, 2017

Just wanted to share something

​I made a new video for my second channel on Youtube. In which me and my friend Denom are exploring this cool abandoned building and drawing some graffiti along the way. There was this guy that was following us at first. It's a shame we didn't get it on camera. (Maybe next time we visit this place???)

And I also wanna share some art I did but I feel I can't really post it here cause of the rules. Drew Lynn and Lincoln at it again. View it HERE. And that's pretty much it. I'm working on large projects as well though those will come out waaaay later.Just to clarify myself.


Posted by RedAndrew - January 28th, 2017

The comic is The Loud House: Lynn x Lincoln (NSFW). With fetishes.

So what's this? Am I retarded? Could say that. But yeah, I'm dead serious. My deadline is Valentine's day. Though I may and can be late for the release day, so I'm not making any promises. Just giving this information out for those who might be intrested in seeing this comic. It won't be long or anything.

How sick and horrible will it be?

Well, it's gonna involve the following fetishes:

  • Incest
  • Femdom
  • Foot Fetish

So it's up to you to decide whether it's your thing or not. All the finished pages will be posted here on Newgrounds, Twitter and my Tumblr. All necessary links will be given after I finish the comic.

Anyway, that's it for this update, so I'll see you on Valentine's day.

Have a nice one!
-Andrew Bird


Posted by RedAndrew - January 7th, 2017

So my last Twitter got fucked up. 

So I made a new one, and you can follow it by clicking HEEEEEREREEEE. Starting over everything. If anyone's wondering, it's just a bug with my last account. Won't go into further details really.

Posted by RedAndrew - November 6th, 2016

No, I'm not dead (wish I was)

Anyway... My last update was a real long time ago. And it wasn't really an update. More of a story of my life in general. But let's make this short cause I don't want to shove a whole text down your throat on why I'm unactive. 

I'm fucking lazy. And I'm not sorry. Though this is my hoby, my life's kind of in a way. And I'm occupied with a lot of things. Even though I still find time for parties and shit like that.

You have no idea. Like 2 days ago, I was at this party basicly in a place where I didn't know people. They wanted to beat me up, but then after a while they started to protect me. Was fucking weird. It was basicly 2 days of drinking and 4 hours of sleep. I honestly felt really dead afterwards. Was fun though. 

I think I got off topic... Yeah so, I still post shit and hey, you might see a new cartoon posted someday. 


-Andrew Bird

Posted by RedAndrew - March 30th, 2016

The Cartoon!!!

So how's it been? Long? Really? Well good, cause I made a new cartoon that you can check it out here on Newgrounds or Youtube. I know it's been 8 months, and this a really short cartoon, but it's only because I was a lazy piece of shit and stoped making  it. Also a bit shitty quality, but it's because I fucked up from the begining of making the cartoon. Fucked up the resolution settings.


Curently I'm working on a Rick and Morty collab, but I also started 2 other projects that I'm exited about. In reality I won't any more promises on when you should expect them, but they will be uploaded someday. And Idunno, maybe I'll upload more art or something.


- Andrew Bird 


Posted by RedAndrew - October 26th, 2015

Should I release this?

So basicly, I'm kinda lost at what I want to animate, there for the date I uplaod anything on my goddamn channel is still unclear. But I was making this cartoon that I canceled the production of due to the fact that I found it not that really funny. It's a very short cartoon (possibly not even a minute) with one joke in it that may not even be clear to some viewers. But I am close to finishing it. So my question is, should I finish it and release it? I'd be happy to just do it and publish the cartoon, but I may disappoint some people if they are expecting something amazing for my next creation. So here. Submit your votes. If you guys agree I should finish it. Then I promise it'll be out in 2 or maybe less weeks.
Little sneek peep on how the cartoon looks like.


Posted by RedAndrew - September 25th, 2015

Anime Amigos 3.33 is gonna be out in 9 days.

4744449_144320643541_animeamigos.jpgAnime Amigos episode 3.33 is gonna be out in 9 days (october 4th.). The lead animator, artist, voice actor and also a director and writer is @RyanStorm. Check hisstuff out, kisses. I did some little shit in the cartoon, nothing much, but nevermind that, the cartoon is amazing!

Posted by RedAndrew - August 29th, 2015

So I thought a good idea was to make a Patreon, Idon't really have a big audience, but I'll just have it here.
I made a video that will convince you on why you should donate (just kidding,dooon't). If you wanna see it, click here! If you directly wanna go to my Patreon click here


Posted by RedAndrew - August 8th, 2015

So I know everyone's seen it, but incase you haven't, check it out on Youtube or Newgrounds. It's the Scooby Doo in Five Nights of Freddy's 2.

Now I'd usually keep away from such a project since I despice Five Night's at Freddy's any game. I hate it all. This was simply a commission that I didn't get paid for so I ended up uploading it here and on Youtube. 

If you became a fan cause of this cartoon, unfollow me, since I'm warning you, future content is gonna be extreme, dark, comedic and gory... Mosly just something I have been always doing.

Anyway, enough for this update. I'll see you guys soon.
-Andrew Bird


Posted by RedAndrew - June 8th, 2015


Hey, remember that cartoon called Last day at school lol XD? No? Go check it out!!!
Incase you're wondering (wich probably not) I'M MAKING T-SHIRTS NOW.
Click here to see my TeePublic page and click here to see the first shirt design!
Imagine, just wearing this shirt, just for 20$, now that's what I call a real deal!
Imagine your kids wearing this shirt! Sign me up! (also yeah it comes in kid cuts only for 14$).

4744449_143379166892_asdwdf.jpgP.S. This would really fit you at school!