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Making a Company

2017-09-11 15:48:55 by RedAndrew

Okay so here, let’s talk

I think making updates over updates is bullshit. But that’s how it is cause I really don’t wanna lose you guys. And I just want to keep you guys updated on what I’m doing. I’ve been working real hard on stuff. Me and this other dude Gunther (PigLice) have been struggling to make a company based around making comics and cartoons. Possibly games in the future if we have the money. So were working on the first comic “RedMeat”. But we also need need support. We need money so we could focus on making art for a living. Otherwise it’ll just be left as a hobby. And with more money we can produse more. Of course I’ll still have my independent comics but what’s stopping us from making more fandom related comics if we have the budget.

Listen, we can live without money but not as active like we would with money. If you do want to help us with our dream, we encourage you to donate to our Patreon, we have some sweet rewards. If you still wanna support us but don’t have money or want to support in other ways we suggest following us on our
Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We also made a Discord server for our community. Join if you wanna have a chat with us and or other cool people.

Anyway we’ve been working hard and sparing almost most of our free time to make our company a reality. Hope it works out and thank you. I’ll see in another side!

Just a quick little!

2017-07-11 12:59:36 by RedAndrew

Just wanted to share something

​I made a new video for my second channel on Youtube. In which me and my friend Denom are exploring this cool abandoned building and drawing some graffiti along the way. There was this guy that was following us at first. It's a shame we didn't get it on camera. (Maybe next time we visit this place???)

And I also wanna share some art I did but I feel I can't really post it here cause of the rules. Drew Lynn and Lincoln at it again. View it HERE. And that's pretty much it. I'm working on large projects as well though those will come out waaaay later.Just to clarify myself.


My Incest Comic and A Podcast!

2017-04-04 13:06:45 by RedAndrew

So in case I haven't menthioned (which I haven't) I finished the comic that I promised long time ago.

You can view it by clicking here.

Sorry for not informing about this on the time it was released. I was kind of too lazy and then forgot. But it's done and I'm gonna move on to my next project. Though I don't know what's it's gonna be. I will adress it later in other posts. Posibbly gonna move on to making other comics and cartoons. I don't want to make any expectations.

On other news! I was featured on a podcast!

Got featured on the ARTiZM podcast and had a nice time talking to Yin Mammoth about what I draw and my life in general. If you find that intresting give it a listen.




2017-01-28 10:15:22 by RedAndrew

The comic is The Loud House: Lynn x Lincoln (NSFW). With fetishes.

So what's this? Am I retarded? Could say that. But yeah, I'm dead serious. My deadline is Valentine's day. Though I may and can be late for the release day, so I'm not making any promises. Just giving this information out for those who might be intrested in seeing this comic. It won't be long or anything.

How sick and horrible will it be?

Well, it's gonna involve the following fetishes:

  • Incest
  • Femdom
  • Foot Fetish

So it's up to you to decide whether it's your thing or not. All the finished pages will be posted here on Newgrounds, Twitter and my Tumblr. All necessary links will be given after I finish the comic.

Anyway, that's it for this update, so I'll see you on Valentine's day.

Have a nice one!
-Andrew Bird



2017-01-07 12:35:15 by RedAndrew

So my last Twitter got fucked up. 

So I made a new one, and you can follow it by clicking HEEEEEREREEEE. Starting over everything. If anyone's wondering, it's just a bug with my last account. Won't go into further details really.


2016-11-20 07:42:45 by RedAndrew


So yeah, this is an update. Um... Moving on.4744449_147964573322_Imgay.jpg

Okay bye.

To People That Still Care

2016-11-06 15:34:28 by RedAndrew

No, I'm not dead (wish I was)

Anyway... My last update was a real long time ago. And it wasn't really an update. More of a story of my life in general. But let's make this short cause I don't want to shove a whole text down your throat on why I'm unactive. 

I'm fucking lazy. And I'm not sorry. Though this is my hoby, my life's kind of in a way. And I'm occupied with a lot of things. Even though I still find time for parties and shit like that.

You have no idea. Like 2 days ago, I was at this party basicly in a place where I didn't know people. They wanted to beat me up, but then after a while they started to protect me. Was fucking weird. It was basicly 2 days of drinking and 4 hours of sleep. I honestly felt really dead afterwards. Was fun though. 

I think I got off topic... Yeah so, I still post shit and hey, you might see a new cartoon posted someday. 


-Andrew Bird

Personal Life Story.

2016-05-17 16:25:26 by RedAndrew

Stuff about my life

So I'll warn you, this is just me talking about my personal life. Intresting stuff that happened during this and other year. If you don't care for a long story, then don't read. I never really talk about my life here so whatever, today I will.

So let's start with an early fall of 2015. I was a long time loser always siting on my laptop. Everyday, everynight. Eighter animating or playing online games with my internet friends that I usually talked trough Skype. Really I never talked with them cause they're from diffrent countries, mostly USA. 

During this fall I started kind of losing them due to being an idiot. I was being too "edgy" I guess. Annoying people when I made too many dark jokes. A lot of them being about murder and sex. I also had and have a very "edgy" type of taste in music. I like punk rock, trash metal, ska, garage metal, surf rock and many more... Anyway, stuff that's edgy I guess. And besides that, everyone's that been a fan of my work have noticed that all my cartoons and art are about dark humor. Most cartoons I make have blood, gore and murder - adult themes.

I was kicked from multiple conversations in Skype and had no chance of comunicating with my online friends. Witch were also my only friends. They also stopped responding to me, ingnored me. It's easy to ignore a person if the only way to comunicate with him is by texting. You can't see his or hers face. 

Anway, I moved on and somehow got into a group of cool people. People that are concired weird by the sociaty. Punks, metal heads, goths, emos and skin heads. There are other groups of people, but they're not worth mentioning now. I kinda stayed. And also got into the same fashion. I started wearing military boots, chains. Colored my hair like three times now. Had red, green and now brown hair. Pierced some piercings. As of now I have one in my eyebrow and one in the lips. Life's crazy. Me and them drank in public and did so many stupid shit. We still do. I got a girlfriend. Life became just sex, drugs and rock n' roll. Like that's the best way to describe it.

Being in that place wit that kind of people I realised something. By talking to them a lot I found out that most of them are just broken people. Some abused by their parents, some rejected by everyone in the norm and others that have expierenced rape multiple times. Broken people. Same with me, I was always rejected by everyone, and now by my internet friends that were my last hope at that time. 

Of course while it is amazing that I left my computer and went on partying in concerts, drank and fucked in public places, I still try to be a reasonable guy that tries to be friendly with others that earn my trust. Bu that's all I had to say. Don't know what will this change, maybe inspire some poeple. But really it's just fun to let it out a bit if you know what I'm sating. 

Anyways, have a good one and I'll see you guys in the other posts.
-Andrew Bird


2016-03-30 16:31:34 by RedAndrew

The Cartoon!!!

So how's it been? Long? Really? Well good, cause I made a new cartoon that you can check it out here on Newgrounds or Youtube. I know it's been 8 months, and this a really short cartoon, but it's only because I was a lazy piece of shit and stoped making  it. Also a bit shitty quality, but it's because I fucked up from the begining of making the cartoon. Fucked up the resolution settings.


Curently I'm working on a Rick and Morty collab, but I also started 2 other projects that I'm exited about. In reality I won't any more promises on when you should expect them, but they will be uploaded someday. And Idunno, maybe I'll upload more art or something.


- Andrew Bird 


ThePoliticians are Dead!

2016-01-11 16:19:16 by RedAndrew

So here's a uncomfertable reminder, Politicians are dead! What happened? Eveyone's been fucking mudered!

Okay so no, nobody's been murdered, I was kidding. But I feel like we left everything without telling anyone what really happened. Listen, I'm not really proud of the podcast that we did, but I know that we did have legit fans, so this post is just to clear the air and solve this forgotten mistery. 

So what the hell's going on?!!

Well let's begin with the more obvious reasons. It all hit us really hard when one of of our members deleted all the videos from ThePoliticians channel. I won't go into detail of who it is, but he just didn't want to be part of it anymore and he also didn't want to be in any of those videos, so yeah. I know, reety dumb, but that happened and it can't be changed. That made us kinda lose motivation to make videos since all our hard year's work was gone. 

With all that, we all kinda grew up. School started. Everyone was busy with their own lives, projects, school. It made us sort of separated. And ofcourse, we stoped making videos. There was one person left in the association left though, he was planning to get the whole channel back together, however I didn't allow it. He was planning to make a podcast with diffrent people, and with people that I don't think the original Politician team would be happy of having.

Anyway, let's talk about deeper shit than that.

So it's 2015 Fall, and I really wanted to make a podcast. However at the time I was still really new to the animation industry. So I did a really weird thing. I asked few people (the only ones I knew) if they wanted to make the podcast together. Instead of actually spending some time together and trying to know eachother we just started the show. Then we added a lot of other people. And it all was just random people. Now it seamed like we were all good friends. But personally, I don't think we did the right thing by going with that option, not the whole crew was cool, that also what leg us to our dissaster. 

I have to admit, I wasn't the best leader eighter (yeah, I was the leader of ThePoliticians). I'd be the one who draws the thumnails and art for the videos, when everyone's stuck with bigger work like podcasts and gaming videos. I mean my laptop that I had at the time was like 8 years. There was no way of using it to edit high quality podcasts or gaming videos. But yeah. 

Really, that's everything, or atleast to my knowledge. Everyone left ThePoliticians. Eveyone saw it going downhill. But I have to say, it was fun till it lasted. I mean we almost pulled off a year. And while it seams like it's all doomed, not to worry, we still hang out together. Maybe not that often, but we do. Anyway, I don't think we will ever come back to ThePoliticians to make podcasts. Mabe it's sad for some of you like it's sad for me, but realisticly, it's better for all of us.

-Andrew Bird