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The end of 2021 is near bros and I thought I'd make a lil post discussing the shit I did since I should really start making posts here anyway. Originally, I saw @SantaSausage do it, so it inspired me as well ;) go check out his post here, awesome dude!

Anyways, this year has been very impactful for me as a lot has happened. First things first, I finally animated my first commission cartoon for a local Lithuanian punk rock band called Toro Bravo. I had the privilege not only doing something big for me but also making something so personal to the band itself. Even though this might sound like a downer, the vocalist's (─îiubas) father passed away after the production of the song. Before he died, the man shared a dream in which he was chased by a black train trough some kind of void. Eventually, the train catches up to him and that is it. Originally, we had a different idea for the clip but after discussing with ─îiubas, he wanted a meaningful music video and I supported that. I am glad that I was part of paying the tribute to his father's legacy.

The music video took about 6 months to make. I started somewhere in last October actually but everything was fully finished in April. Not gonna lie, if I had even more time, I would have made it even better but for what's it worth, this was the biggest animation project I have been apart of and now it sits forever as Toro Bravo - Pabaiga. "Pabaiga" meaning - the end.

Moving on, I am not a big music guy but I do be liking making some weird ass sounds. Well, for my girlfriend's @0chin birthday, I made a song, dedicated just for her. It was a secret surprise so, I was hiding and lying for a month telling that was going out to meet up with my guys in the city when in actuality, I was in a recording studio with my good pal Studio Maruko who unfortunately is not on Newgrounds but you can find him by searching his name. Lucky for me that I have some musical connections, because without his help, this song would have sounded 90% worse than it is right now. At some time, I also figured that I needed a sax in the song. Because if you're making a hot, romantic rock n' roll, how can you not include a sax?? Anywho, I knew a guy and funny story. During the day when he came in the studio to record, before that I was in a bar where I robbed a socker table by lockpicking the locks and got some money (I was a broke ass boy during that time). Anyway, long story short, paid him for the sax and also bought weed from the guy lmao.

More on the serious note, I wanted to make this song since for the first time in my life, I was in a long distance relationship and I always said that I will never take part in such things. But it happened and it's still happening! I wanted to make a special song that would encourage us more to meet and to reassure that we can do it (which by the way did happen and it was baller as hell). But yeah, the project took about a month to complete and I was satisfied with the results (she was too hehe <3).

What's next? I don't fucking know really. I'm not the best at this stuff but the summer was pretty cool. I ended up going to my first music festival. It was in my own country, called the Swampfest. It's basically an underground punk organized event that lasted for three days, got to see some gnarly bands!

Got a well paying job for the first time everrrr. Previously I worked as a decoration builder in a theatre house, a security guard there as well for a bit, a food delivery boy for a company that does not do any kind of insurance for you and finally as a guy in a boot factory, removing boots. Right now, I am working at a bank as customer support and although there are some questionable people coming, I truly appreciate being welcomed there and being given the opportunity to be part of them. Because of this, I was also able to finally move out to my own apartment and like mentioned before, had a very nice time with @0chin here!

So good vibes overall!

Lastly, I will mention some other important things that happened this year:

I re-released my 2017 noise album and now you can stream it on Youtube. Just keep in mind, this is some brain drilling and you shouldn't listen to it actually. It will give you a headache.


I also re-released my 2018 EP which can be listened to Youtube as well. Not as noisy but still weird af.


Oh yeah and I also made a little vlog walking around the woods talking about how much I love the sun.

But yeah, this has been my year guys. I wanna thank @0chin @OrkOrk @Kraikein @Wendigo @Toya @smallphroge @HenryEYES @Imprez and @Masonimous for being freaking cool!

Stay tuned motherfuckers!


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