Entry #73

Making a Company

2017-09-11 15:48:55 by RedAndrew

Okay so here, let’s talk

I think making updates over updates is bullshit. But that’s how it is cause I really don’t wanna lose you guys. And I just want to keep you guys updated on what I’m doing. I’ve been working real hard on stuff. Me and this other dude Gunther (PigLice) have been struggling to make a company based around making comics and cartoons. Possibly games in the future if we have the money. So were working on the first comic “RedMeat”. But we also need need support. We need money so we could focus on making art for a living. Otherwise it’ll just be left as a hobby. And with more money we can produse more. Of course I’ll still have my independent comics but what’s stopping us from making more fandom related comics if we have the budget.

Listen, we can live without money but not as active like we would with money. If you do want to help us with our dream, we encourage you to donate to our Patreon, we have some sweet rewards. If you still wanna support us but don’t have money or want to support in other ways we suggest following us on our
Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We also made a Discord server for our community. Join if you wanna have a chat with us and or other cool people.

Anyway we’ve been working hard and sparing almost most of our free time to make our company a reality. Hope it works out and thank you. I’ll see in another side!


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