My Incest Comic and A Podcast!

2017-04-04 13:06:45 by RedAndrew

So in case I haven't menthioned (which I haven't) I finished the comic that I promised long time ago.

You can view it by clicking here.

Sorry for not informing about this on the time it was released. I was kind of too lazy and then forgot. But it's done and I'm gonna move on to my next project. Though I don't know what's it's gonna be. I will adress it later in other posts. Posibbly gonna move on to making other comics and cartoons. I don't want to make any expectations.

On other news! I was featured on a podcast!

Got featured on the ARTiZM podcast and had a nice time talking to Yin Mammoth about what I draw and my life in general. If you find that intresting give it a listen.




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2017-04-04 18:45:39

Was a bit one sided. And you kinda messed up the pelvis. A little lame with the use of loli vag, but otherwise it was pretty decent. Managed to be interesting at least :P

RedAndrew responds:

Thanks for criticism my man. Will be looking forward to making more weird stuff. And improve as well.