Stupidest shit!!!

2014-04-26 16:01:10 by RedAndrew

So yeasterday in our artclass we had to draw like a flag or something.

But there was a requarment for the flag. We needed to add our school birth date and present date.

And we needed to add our schools title.

So I didn't add the date that was requared, insted I wrote 6969-1500.

Insted of writing my schools tile I wrote "Poland's Crazy House".

And I drew a guy with a shirt that says "I'm gay" in the flag's middle shooting himself in the head.

And my art teacher gave me an F becouse of "Racism".


Fun fact: I'm not racist, it's just a joke, I don't have anything against Poland.



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2014-04-29 16:18:41

Dem teacher, in art there is no such thing as taboo